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Blackhawk’s Blogger Seminar

News  May 28 2010
 — By Jeanette Kozlowski
Blackhawk’s Blogger Seminar

Were you lucky enough to attend Blackhawk’s first-ever blogger seminar?

Probably not considering they only invited eight bloggers. But for those eight fortunate bloggers, it was three days filled with shooting, Blackhawk swag, BBQ, gear demos, booze and, from the looks of it, a fancy-schmancy dinner or two. If you watch the video above, it appears they had a blast.

A few bloggers we follow attended the seminar. Here’s what they had to say about the shindig.

“You want to have fun? Real fun? Have an ATK rep unpacking free cases of Federal police buckshot loads, as Todd Jarrett loads up a twelve gauge for you, and blast away at targets while shooting entry guns one handed! Yes…. one handed… as the tricky stock made it entirely possible, and even comfortable to do.” — Carteach0

“I’m back from Norfolk, VA where I spent the past few days with Todd Jarrett, Navy SEALs and the folks from BLACKHAWK! I’ve got a ton of products to review in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.” — GunHolstersAndGear.com

“The event was incredible packed with lots of information, interesting people, and a chance to learn first-hand about the many quality products this company has to offer.” — Jim Braaten at The Sportman’s Blog

“During the seminar they talked up their products, gave us some samples, and that was it so far as any expectations were concerned. Even if I kept completely silent, I could still keep the swag without anyone saying anything.” — Hell in a Handbasket

We think it’s just cool to see a manufacturer showing the blogging community some love. But we’re still waiting for our invite. Maybe next year, right? Fingers. Crossed.

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  1. I should get myself listed in the next seminar. Thanks for sharing. If you get the chance, feel free to visit my site and learn how to create a rifle using the ar15 builder.

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